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fallow. by paintedmaru fallow. by paintedmaru
I lied. I'm posting something even though I thought I was bitching out of here. Hurrrrr.

So I have several not uploaded pencil works. I haven't been posting them because firstly, who enjoys scanning things. Blegh. And secondly, they are all waiting for paint or they just aren't done yet.

I hadn't drawn Fallow in awhile, which is usually a good thing since I tend to turn to him when I'm brooding and lame. I drew him awhile back, back on Feb. 7th actually. But while I was enjoying amazing weather at the beach last weekend, I went to town on his hair. And then tonight I scanned and shrunk him to fit my projector and I will be transferring him to some sexy watercolor paper. I have things envisioned for him. I'm excited. But I'm also in debate over whether he should actually go to watercolor paper like I had intended when I sketched him ooooorrrrrrr if he should go to wood and I should burn him. Some wood burning sounds quite satisfying right now.

I've also come to realize that I adore how Fallow shifts and changes each time I draw him. He's always twisting about. Currently he has extra massive locks and an even more feminine face. But, oh, I love and turn to him for comfort. It's silly that this random drawing turned into a beloved character. I mean, he is tattooed on my back. And each time I draw him again, I have moments of going, ffffff I wish I had this one tattooed instead!! I think it is just how I get reattached each piece. I don't regret the one I got done at all. But these more current pieces are so much more fantastical and the hair excites me in its massive tangles and explosions.

Annnyyyyhow, long prattle short, when I scanned him for the mini print out tonight, I just LOVED how he looked, so stark on the paper.

Enjoy lovelies~

.....I have this idea that surfaces every so often that I want to collect tons of art of Fallow by so many different artists. I just love seeing how people tweak him, as well as torture him.
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