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Hey lurkers!

Soooo.....I gave in and made a tumblr. I will be only posting my art and about my art there, so no need to worry about being spammed with random life shit. Haha So please, go follow my tumblr.

And I want to say that I'm pretty much done being active on here. I just don't really enjoy the community anymore, so I'm peacing out. I'll leave my gallery for now, and I'll still float on to check out artists that I already follow, because that would be riiiiiidiculous to go hunt each one down and find where they post and have to be on all of those different sites. Shit. So, if you leave me a message or comment, I will see it at some point and respond. Sorry to leave those very few lurks left.

But really, if you want to keep up with me, please please please, connect with my brand spankin new tumblr. I know I always said/thought I'd never get one, but since the Stitch Fetish opening night event on Saturday, I changed my mind after talking with a fellow artist in the show. However, I'm going to have to keep the reins on myself and not fall into endless tumblr holes. Holy crap are they intense!

Otherwise, I'm going to leave off this last journal with wishes to all of you to continue making art, enjoying art, stalking art, whatever you do that makes you happy, I hope you have it and enjoy it to your heart's content. I'm in an amazing place in life with my new husband, my puffalump kitty Nagano, and our giant black lab lover man Dylan. I've just finished having an absolutely amazing year filled with so many great firsts, art gallery hangings, craft fairs, so many trips to beautiful places, a fantastic engagement and wedding, and so many friends and wonderful people.

Keep being beautiful people and never give up what makes you happy!!
Okay lurks! I actually just posted art! Fffffffsnort. I'm going to try my best to pop on here sometimes and post the crap I'm making, especially since I already take the time to post it on facebook, so I should just step up and post here too. It only takes like, 2 minutes. Plus, my art has shifted so much over this last year. I've never been this happy with my art.

I'm going to stop being such a slacker whore.

And anyone reading this, I'd love to get to know you more if you'd like to get to know me! Link me to your art if you'd like! Tell me anything you want. I miss having dA friendships.
I have had a bag stuffed full of all of my left over stock from Anime Expo 2011 and I have no reason to hoard it. Share with anyone you want to. I want this stuff gone! I will ship anywhere. And I can take paypal.

Everything is listed for super cheap. Let me know what you want and I'll figure out shipping depending on what you want. And the more you buy, the more discount you can get!

I have multiples of almost everything, so just comment and I'll let you know if I have any left. I have soooo much stuff.
Like, small duffel bag stuffed full. Fffffff

I think you have to be signed into facebook. If you still can't see, let me know and I'll post else where. Thanks lurks!!!……………
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Well hello hello lurks! 

I've been dead for months on here. Basically in early June, my computer decided to go on a suicidal mission. And I still haven't fixed it. I opted to just ignore it and plan my wedding and I have to say, I don't miss being attached to my computer. I like to believe that I do more without it. At least my eyeballs aren't staring at it all the time. 

So this is the first time I've signed in since June. I actually thought my inbox would be more overwhelming than the number it's at. And welcome new lurks!! I'm sad to say it looks like nothing has changed here, maybe just continued on its slow downhill depression. I probably won't be on here much to be honest. Sorry.

And please, let me know what you're doing!! Also, if you want to harass me and me actually see it, my facebook page is better, even though that thing is suffering to stay alive as well.… I also have plenty of jewelry and kodama lights on my etsy, begging for homes.

So so sooooooo, here's a huge list of crap I've been doing/preparing for:

*I got married to my loverman on September 7th. It was fucking GORGEOUS AND UUUUGH EVERYTHING I WANTED FFFFFFSNORT.

*Looooots of travelling. I've been to Seattle 3 times this year, going to Nashville next Wednesday, wine country and did my first wine tasting, Kauai for our honeymoon. Amazing! 

*Fall Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach, CA November 17th!!! Come out if you're in the area!!

*We're hosting Thanksgiving this year. Eeek!

*I've been doing lots and lots of embroidery work. 

*I was in a couple art shows this year. The next for sure one is Stitch Fetish 2 in February at The Hive gallery in LA. 

*I hang out with my puffalump cat Nagano way too much. We're best friends because I have no friends where I live. It's sad yet I'm not really ashamed of the fact that we chill all day and I talk to him.

*I've already started on Christmas gifts. How gross. Haha. But I'm stitching a lot of things, so I have to get crackin.

*I spoiled myself with a copper electroforming kit. I just got it a few days ago, so I'm still tinkering and learning. As long as I don't spill the acid on myself, all will be dandy. But my first pieces, some snake vertebrae, came out gorgeous. I can't wait to put other things in there, like my alien queen chestburster that I sculpted forever ago.

*I'm going as a Japanese ghost for Halloween. The man is going as werewolf Pope.

Aaaaaand yeeeeaaaaap. I can't think of anything else. It's been an amazing year! I couldn't have asked for a better one. 

Best wishes!! 
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Patchwork went swimmingly! The second show was much more successful that the first, and honestly, I was quite surprised. I had assumed there would be less attendance, less purchasing, less everything. And damn, I was wrong. It was buzzing and the crowd was so excited, fun, and nice. A very great craft fair crowd that was out and ready to throw money at all of the artists. I wish I had been to more fairs where the energy was so lively and great.

SO! I've decided to spoil myself. I'm going to treat myself to an electroforming kit. I'm riddled with wiggles of excitement and thrills over the joys that I want to create. And it will help further my jewelry making.

I'm also wanting to stitch some pieces off of H.R. Giger art. It will be so grossly beautiful!


I'm engaged! I've been holding off on announcing because I figured we'd be announcing on fb and shit, but it seems like that is never going to happen and I'm tired of waiting, so BAM. The lover man proposed to me on 4/20. Pot day and Hitler's birthday. It was also the opening of the "Hello World" art show that I was part of.....that I still need to post photos of my stitchings on here. *fails* But anyhow, he proposed and said yes and cried and here were are now trying to bust out a wedding full of DIY goodness by September 7th.

Three months! Eeeeek! I have so much to do!! But we have the venue secured, rings picked out, dress and suit bought, and ideas that just need to be made/bought. And a lot of weed whacking at the venue, Bucksnort Farm.

But I couldn't ask for a more splendid year. It just keeps treating me to more and more.

Oh, and I've been doing a blog about the wedding. There are only 3 entries so far, but it's mostly for shits and giggles and rambling about what I'm doing for wedding prep.
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Hello lurkers!!

I know I'm fairly nonexistent on here now a days. I fav and run. hurrrrrrr.

BUT! Tomorrow is my second craft fair!

Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach, CA 11am-5pm

And my first fair, last Sunday, went very well. I already made some profit after breaking even for both of these shows. My booth was a little slow, if I tried to compare to others, but I can very proudly say that my jewelry goodies stood out and were individual. I'm always bummed out that some of the most popular booths are the booths selling cheap China crap, like there are always a few booth selling necklaces that are just a chain with a charm that they bought in a bulk pack on Etsy. I have no problem if you buy your charms, but do something creative with them! Don't just put them on a chain and then try to charge me $20. Insane. And even more insane is how people flock over that crap.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing a booth swarming with people gawking at someone's creative hard work. I wish I could see more of those.

But regardless! Come out tomorrow!! Last week had many delightful goods for sale, so I'm sure tomorrow will be just as wonderful!!
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Hello hello.

One day I'll actually learn to respond to messages and not let them get all backed up and then overwhelm me and then not reply.


Buuuuuut, new art show that I'm part of is popping up in Long Beach on May 11th as part of an artwalk. It's only for one night, well afternoon. I don't even think any of my current lurks are in this area at all, but I'm still going to whore out each show I have crap at.

Event info page thingy.…

Aaaaand crap is still hanging at The Service Station as part of the Hello World show in Los Angeles until May 18th.

I seem to have stumbled into a busy art time this Spring. I hope I can keep the ball rolling and go all Katamari Damacy style with that shit. It's actually been a fanfuckingtastic Spring. So much exciting, life changing shit has happened and it's great. I'm so happy. Now I just need to get my art established enough that I can actually pull some money in from it. At least sometimes. Ffffffff.

I'll upload some photos of the two latest stitched pieces (from the Hello World show) as well as the three new pieces for the artwalk (Mother Nature show). One of them totally subconsciously looks so identical to the stitched Fallow piece that it's not even funny. But hey! I can rip myself off unconsciously every now and then.

I have other news too, but that will come later later.

....I know I said I would be leaving this place, but I just can't. I just like writing here. Hurrrrrr.

OH! Bat for Lashes was AAAAAAAAMAZING live. Just saying.
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Please come and mingle on my facebook page!!~…

Aaaand art show opening on Saturday April 20th!…

.....I'm just soooo clever and shit with placing links. Hurrrrrp.
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Hello lurkers~

The short moral of this journal is the place me and the crap I make will be.....

Hello World art show Los Angeles April 20-May 18th
Patchwork Craft Show Santa Ana May 26th
Patchwork Craft Show Long Beach June 2nd

Come buy some handmade crap! Or come gawk at some handmade crap! Either way, I made stuff and things. Hurrrrr


OH. I am fucking OBSESSED with "Downton Abbey". FFFFFFFFFF Why did it take me so long to start watching? Sooooo good. Uuuuggggggh.

And I can't stop listening to Takenobu's new album "Climatica". Just as fantastic.

I'm severely behind on everything in my message center but I'll catch up soon. It seems like I haven't been settled and home for weeks. The man and I road tripped from Southern California to Seattle from March 20-30. It was delightful!! I'd love to live there. And then just on Sunday-Tuesday evening we adventured to Catalina Island. It was my very first island trip, as well as ferry ride across a fair amount of ocean. So many barfers. Holy crap. And so many of them just kept their stuffed bags on their table, all sweating and steamy from the barf. Sooooo gross and wrong. Catalina was very pretty, but I came down with a cold just after arriving, so I missed out on some hiking and wandering at some times.

Sooooo, I've been sewing like a mad woman for an upcoming art show in Los Angeles on April 20th at The Service Station called "Hello World"… I'm sewing two brand spanking new pieces to show and I am quite delighted and excited to show them off.

Who knew that getting involved with the Stitch Fetish show would inspire me so much and get me more involved with showing my art? It was such a wonderful surprise that so much has come from stumbling over a random art call. I have to admit that as much as I do love inking and painting, stitching is so satisfying to my need to nitpick every little detail. And doing an art piece that is embroidered is just exhilarating to me as it's not a common medium for making something that isn't "homey", not that I'm saying homey is bad. I think doilies and embroidered pillows and all those crafts that people just kind of think nothing of deserve so much more respect. It takes skill and so much detail and attention for so many overlooked crafts that are treated like they are not art or a skill. I just never thought that this is where I'd be, backstitching full pieces of art to hang in shows. I love it.

And I also just got accepted into the Patchwork Craft Shows in Long Beach and Santa Ana!! Soooooo excited!! I can now cross doing a craft show off my bucket list for the year. I'm very optimistic that these will go fine. I'm already starting to feel a touch of panic, but that is mostly in regards to making a display and that side of it. I know what I'm selling, which will be the jewelry I've been fanatically making in glee. I just need to decide on numbers and start making them. Hopefully the crowd likes them more than dA does. I have to admit I was so excited to share them here and no one gave a shit. It kind of crushed me a little, but then I remembered it's dA, so why do I care? That makes me sound like an ego trip but I currently don't expect comments or favorites here anymore. I usually just see activity on my plushie tutorial, which is fascinating that so many people find it helpful when it is so lamely made in paint ms and webcam photos. Hahaha.

I'm rambling, like I always do when I write a journal here.
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i feel depressive and lame.

and this place feels depressive and lame as well.

i believe that i will be, very shortly, abandoning this account. i'm not going to delete it and i'll probably still float on here to look at the art that i watch, but i'm pretty sure i'm done with posting here. it seems weird to think about how busy my message center used to be in regards to everything. now i mostly just get art. even journals are barren and desolate. i'll be active on facebook. and i want to get my blog going more regularly. i was even thinking about possibly starting a tumblr, even though i despise tumblr.

i don't know. i'm in a rut and everything is just bumming me out.

i want to make something sustainable. i want to pretend that people are interested in the crap i'm making and that they want to take it home with them. but it just always seems to slap me back in the face. the more excited i am over something, the less excited everyone else is over it. dramatically.

i need a job. i'm looking online at job postings every few days. i hate it. every job is just another shitty bend over backwards for a stupid corporation set up and i'm soooo bothered by thinking about being someone's lackey again that it's making my search just a big nasty heels dragging in the mud fiasco. i mean, i need money. and i know that i just have to play the game. but i'm sick of being the hard working, honest employee that just gets more work because others are liars and slackers and being told that i "can handle it because i'm that awesome" bullshit. sure, i take a lot of pride in how i work and i don't want to be that fucktard worker. ever. but shit. how about everyone just pulls their weight instead of always trying to cut corners and be fucking losers? get over yourselves. and most jobs that i can apply for are just deadend bullshit jobs. so pointless.

ugh. i'm ranting about shit i didn't know was bugging me so much.

i'm also struggling to find craft fairs/shows/etc to sell at that aren't fucking riiiiiidiculously priced. like holy crap. also, so many have fairly steep application fees and then a super intense booth fee. and it's like, really? reeeally? you need to gouge me for sending in my stuff? sooo i'm paying you $50+ for you to look at my application for what, 5 minutes? maybe 10? even if people looked at it for an hour and really discussed it, $50? i get that it's just part of it and i just have to bite the bullet. i'm just bitching about it because of how much money these "companies" that are claiming to support the artists gouge out of the artists. it's so hard to find a location that is legitimately there FOR the artist and not just to bleed the artist.

i want to move away to a nice, pretty rural area and get away from people. i hate people. i hate society. i'm also already pretty much friendless in real life, so it's not like i'd be missing many people. i want to be in a new place, surrounded by new things and new people and new everything. things here just keep disappointing me, even when i think that i couldn't be more disappointed.

i also just had my 25th birthday on saturday. i went camping and it was soooo nice out. it was amazing march weather at the beach. the friends i camped with were great and we had plenty of fun. i was let down though that on saturday almost all but a small handful of friends ditched me, again. last year and this year i've had around 20 people telling me how they were coming and shit and then day of, they simply don't show. no message or anything. just ditched. it makes me feel like an unwanted piece of shit. it was seriously a moment of, fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me. gawd. two birthdays in a row just totally ditched. last year i was broken hearted and cried in the bathroom like a 13 year old girl in my party dress. this year, i was left fairly unsurprised and just like, fuck all of you.

so yeah. there is my retarded sobfest of patheticness and selfish whining and just all around loserness. i'm sorry for just being a stick in the mud. even though i'm not working and have the time to create everything i ever wanted to, i just want to vanish right now. i'm just feeling lost and directionless. i'm isolated and bitter.

i seriously need to get to grip.
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Sooooo I don't really know why I write here anymore really. And I don't really know why I even post art here anymore to be honest. People seem lifeless and lame, save for a few exceptions. I'm not pulling some ego suck off trip wondering why people don't like me. I just feel like things have gotten awfully quiet and slow with a lot of artists and lurkers in general. Even I am lame at responding to comments in a timely manner anymore. I'm just as guilty as the people I'm calling slow and lame. Ffffff.

Anyhow, for some reason I enjoy turning to this journal in the middle of the night to ramble about bullshit. I should be turning to my blog instead, but this green-grey mess hole is just more comforting and welcoming to my unnecessary yatterings.

I'm going to apply for the Patchwork craft fairs in Santa Ana and Long beach, which will be in May. I really REEEEEEALLY hope I make it. I'd love to sell these necklace obsessions there that I can't stop making. Maybe I'll bring kodama lights too. Not sure yet. They just released the application forms today and I have a month to send it in. So I can worthlessly mull it over and be at just as much of an indecision as I am now.

I'm turning 25 in just a few weeks. A whole quarter of a century!! What the fuck happened? So we're going beach camping bitches. Fffffffslkvjzpieh. My brother and his girlfriend work for the campgrounds so I'm getting spoiled with a comped site, which is like thank god because they new cost $45. Guh. But I'm super excited to go chill for the weekend camping and flopping about the beach. The man and I also got all pumped as fuck today because I was like, we should make cinnamon rolls in a skillet on the fire for breakfast. And he was like, DUDEYES. And so it was decided.

At the end of March, the man and I are roadtripping up to Seattle and Portland! It's going to be a delightful trip of seeing friends that each of us haven't seen in a long time. One of my very best friends is in Seattle and I miss having him closer. But he got offered a dream job and I was the first one to be all, DUDEWTFGOOOO!!! And so he went and he's happier than ever. And I'm stoked to go spend some time with him finally.

Early in April we're adventuring, not too far, to Catalina Island. I've never been, even though I've stared at the island for all of my life just off the coast here. And uhm, the island has fucking island foxes. I better see one, or many, and then I will take them all home with me and love them forever.

And then at the end of April....dun-dun-duuun.... we're going to Hawaii. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Enough said. I've never been. I'm going to explode.

There has also been a recent discussion of going to Taiwan.
Ugh. Take me beautiful places all year. *flails*

I also promise to eventually post "traditional" art again soon and not just all of my crafts. I have some pencil work in my book that is waiting to be painted. There's a piece for the movie "Biutiful" because I was so nose inspired. Seriously, Javier Bardem's blunt, flat profile against Maricel Álvarez's extremely pronounced profile was just glorious and I had to draw it. I also have a Briar Rose piece. And a Fallow piece. He's been lurking deep in my brain lately and has barely exposed himself recently.

OH! And the Stitch Fetish gallery opening went splendid. I'm still so excited and proud that I have those pieces hanging there.
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Hello my tasty lurkers in the new year!~ I hope everyone had a fantastic night of glittery explosions and are recovering from the holidays, as well as in most cases, from this disgusting, sticky cold that it seems everyone has. It's gross and I've had enough of blowing/hacking out egg whites. Soooo, I really hope you don't have it.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, please do stop by the Stitch Fetish show! The opening will be on February 2nd. Annnnnd the Downtown LA Artwalk on the 14th!! Here is the Facebook event page…
And here's my art FB again. Ffffffff You'll definitely see more shit happen there than here. And lots of in progress or stupid work.…

I decided to write a new journal of the things I want to accomplish this year, mostly things I want to accomplish in the very near future and not by next year. But life does things and some things may actually take the year. But hopefully not. I guess it's not a real resolution list, more of a to do list of things I really must do and stop putting off.

If you'd like to share your goals for the year, I'd love to hear.

DONATING. Ho damn. The donation bug bit me hard recently and I just spent last night cutting out almost 60 diapers from flannel for Teeny Tears. I also just "adopted" the hospital I was born at and is the local hospital for my rinky dink little town. I'm super excited to be able to give these to people in need. I have a couple other groups I'm planning to donate to as well.

MAKE REAL JEWELRY WITH REAL MATERIALS. No more cheapo crap just because it's affordable and convenient. Not saying I can't use some cheap stuff here and there or for dinky things like costumes. But the plan is to buy real metals, precious stones, and legit tools to make beautiful, wear and life worthy pieces that can hold up and look pretty. I've started collecting supplies, but I'm moving terribly slow. So I think it's time to bite the bullet and just buy the shit I need and get working.  

BUY THE APPROPRIATE TOOLS. Now. Sheesh. I just got a Dremel for xmas so that's a big cost out of the way but I still need to get my grubby hands on plenty of other goodies. Hurrrrr.


KEEP APPLYING FOR GALLERY SHOWS. I have been using this site to look for artist calls. I'm starting the year off nicely with the Stitch Fetish show, but I need to keep on this trend and keep entering more shows.

SPIN YARN. With a spindle.

FIX THE SPINNING WHEEL. And then spin yarn with that. Turns out, the man has some ancient spinning wheel in the garage that has a broken bit on it. It must be fixed and I must learn to spin.

SPIN YARN FROM NAGANO'S FUR. Yuuuuup. I am going to spin yarn from my puffalump kitty cat's fur. I've started saving the fur from when I brush him. I mean, people use angora all the time and wool and cashmere (which I just found out comes from the neck area of a goat. Had no idea.), sooooo why not from my fluffy, silky soft cat? I came across quite a few blogs of spinners that spin from their rabbits and some from their cats, even some from their dogs. I guess my thoughts are that his fur is so beautiful and silky I feel like I should be re purposing it and that I want to make something trinkety, not some hat or mittens or something creepy.

PERHAPS ATTEND SCHOOL. I'm still in a decision dance, so if I can come to a conclusion, then I will attend this year. It's more of a trade school kind of thing, so the program restarts every 3 months. I just need to feel totally committed before I throw down the money.

TRAVEL MORE. Hawaii, somewhere international, Colorado, Washington, Oregon.....We have a couple trips in the planning phase.

CROCHET EVEN MORE. Uuuggggh I love it. I want to do more original patterns.


READ AT LEAST 5 BOOKS. I used to be an overly avid reader but since breaking my face, reading became something I couldn't really enjoy anymore since it would just make me dizzy and feel like I was in drunkspins with a terrible faceache. But I recently read "The Road" when we got stuck in New York and it didn't make me sick as hell and I couldn't put it down.

KEEP UP MY BLOG. Sheeesh. That thing is so unloved. I updated twice in January and plan to keep posting. If you're interested, you can find me here.

Yuuuup. That's all I can think of right now. It's going to be a big year, simply because it should be. Plus, I'm turning 25 this year. A quarter of a century old! EEEEEK. So it's my silver year. I want to make it good and set a standard for making the following years better or at least as good.

And sorry for the lack of art on here. I've been crocheting and playing with other shit. I'm in an anti-art phase kind of. I float into being art crazy then float into being craft crazy and so on and so forth.

And I also just reread a lot of Pietro's novel (really old man whore character that probably only old watchers know) and ohmahgawd. Sooooo bad. I was rolling. But he deserves some love again because Pietro is one of my prize babies. He's fancy shit and I miss his pouty face. Same for Fallow. He's been lurking in the shadows extremely quietly for a long time.
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wellllll, the apocalypse happened. this lame tard world is probably hell and we all actually did die a weekish ago. it was so intense and gnarly that it was instantaneous and we didn't even know it happened. but really, it was anticlimactic for how long everyone talked about.

so this journal is going to be a huuuuge 2012 wrap up. and hopefully in 2013 i'll be alive and active and less of a lameass. hurrrrr.

i hope everyone's winter is going swimmingly and everyone is safe, warm and happy. i'd love to hear what you did for the holidays or just whatever you're doing in general. i don't talk to many people on here anymore and i think it's time to fix that. happy new year lurkers!~ :heart:

the man and i are still happily together and playing house. my puffalump kitty is here with us and is mostly settled in now, still a weirdo about some noises and things though. but he's a spazz. the man has two dogs, one that is visiting his ex until march and one that is our super senior. she's 16 and very, verrrrry sadly, we are putting her down in a couple days. she's just falling apart on a tremendous level currently and it's just time. it's going to be so sad and quiet without her grunts and clicky toenails clacking about the wood floors. we also just scattered my grandpa's ashes on saturday, which was almost 2 years overdue. it was a really beautiful place that we found on a hill top in a nice ridge near my parents' house and we had a nice casual ceremony. the man and i also threw a christmas party that went off great. i made drunken eggnog which the man got blitz on. he made a bread pudding with rum sauce yule log. and everyone brought tasty treats to share, so we had a fat fest and a white elephant exchange. overall, christmas went well in regards to the party, friends, and family.

and i have a smashed face update. i totally got lazy and haven't kept up with keeping those updated. back at the very end of november i went to my ophthalmologist for my 4 year surgery annual check up. Basically it was uneventful and was just a goodbye appointment basically. He's released me from annual check ups and said that everything looks better than expected and is doing perfect and there's no need for me to visit every year. It was a strange bittersweet and kind of unreal appointment. it's always felt like it was just something i did now and will do forever. but it was great news to be told i'm good to go, go fly away little bird.

whaaaaat else.....i'm still waiting to hear if my two embroidered pieces got accepted into the art show. i should know tomorrow. i'm going to have to cross everything and hope i make it.
and tonight/tomorrow i am going to go on a baking frenzy for goodies to bring to the new year's party i'm attending. basically i've spent the entire day online staring at delicious looking food trying to decide what to make. fffff. i just settled on lemon pound cake with glaze and rum balls. yay balls!~

.....i had things to talk about and was excited to sit down and prattle in this journal but now i'm braindead and don't remember what i wanted to do.
basically, i don't know where 2012 went, it fly by me so fast, but it was a good year. a good year of happiness. we traveled to several places i have never been. we've gotten closer and are still just as happy, if not happier, than when we started out as a couple. i never knew i could feel like this with someone and i never want it to stop. i made my very first sale on etsy, as well as a handful of other sales. i've conquered crocheting skills that i never thought i would and am so proud of myself that i can make what i am and that my stitches look so clean. i don't care how cocky that sounds, i am proud that i'm not a sloppy crocheter. i'm excited that my art has taken a new direction and i've felt more artistically inspired this year than i have in a long time, even if i'm still not putting out that much. i've definitely come to do art in phases, that i'll be all about drawing for a week and then i'll be all about painting the next and then i'll suddenly be all about clay and so on and so forth. i have many pieces of art half painted because i got distracted by a different medium and uninspired to paint. derp.

i'm really determined this upcoming year to expand my art goods in the public eye. i will get my ass into more gallery shows. i will get my crafty crap into craft shows and hopefully pimp my etsy page so my sales will grow. i plan to dabble in more brand spankin new mediums this year. i'm on a mission to learn how to solder, how to cast molds and resin, and working with metal plates to cut designs for jewelry. i just got a dremel for christmas and i am so pumped about how many doors have just flown open. power tools really scare and intimidate me, but i've been dreaming about this one and can't wait to use it. it doesn't register in my brain all scary like a fucking table saw or bandsaw. i guess the way i've logged it away is that when i think of dremels, i don't think of my fingers flying across the room.

i also think i'm going to take my ass to ax and frolic in a really badass cosplay, but i will not be selling. i really want to make an epic costume this year and for whatever reasons, i completely prefer trying to bring something to life as accurately as possible instead of a completely original design. it's like my brain gets overloaded with the endless possibilities and then i have epic sobbing meltdowns and can't get a grip like a spaz. and in regards to not selling at ax, i've decided i'm not into that crowd since they mostly stick their noses up at me. i'm not going to waste my time trying to jerk everyone off there just so i can break even or make a little money. way too many snooty people that were upset that i didn't have commericial prices for things that took me hours to make with two little fucked up hands. yeaaaah. i left ax with a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

back to a nicer topic....i've been crocheting up a storm, making soap cozies for christmas gifts for everyone and their mother, and making lots of hats. i'm having fun and definitely doing some stitches/styles i've never done before, so yay for learning new tricks! also, my parents got me a really old and pretty mannequin head for christmas, so now i have a super accessible model for all of the hats that i make and never share online because i feel like a fucktard taking photos of them on my head. so be prepared for some hat smothering. i'm way into making square hats that have big tassels on them. so much fun.

soooo yeah. i think that covers enough for now since i can't think of any other shit to ramble about. ffffffffffffffffffff *rolls*

oh, and the tv show "parks and recreation" is fanfuckingtastic. go watch it. gawd, i love ron swanson. ffffffff
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......I did it. I made a facebook page for myself. Hurrrrrrrrrrr
I plan to be active on it, probably more active there than here, so go like it if it pleases you.…

I'm also sitting here beside a white painted tree shaped branch covered in glitter and glass balls with star lasers shining through it like a magnificent night of sparkles and gay.

.......I love our homemade glitter tree.
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I don't know where the time is going anymore. This whole year just seems to have flown passed me and I'm confused and kind of bewildered by it. I can't believe that it's already December. I can't believe Christmas crap is already upon us. I guess time flies when you're in a good place with someone you love. Hurrrrrrr

We went adventuring for Thanksgiving on a 5 day trip out to Death Valley to camp in nature. It was a really beautiful place with a lot of dirt road driving. I think my bones may still be a little rattled from the hours of dirt driving.

My lovely little puffalump just moved in with the man and me on Saturday. I'm sooooo delighted to have my kitty here with me. I cried almost every time I left him at my parents. He's still not too sure of the dog, who is 16 and is more of a confusing creature with strange noises at this point, so I think he's concerned and confused with her. The large 7 year old dog is off visiting Portland until the spring, so we thought this would be a calmer, easier transition without him here. But I'm sure my kitty will be very unsure of him when he returns with all of his spazzy energy.

I also returned from the camping trip to have a very surprisingly successful sales week, selling 3 sets of kodama lights. This is just thrilling to me and I'm so giddy when someone purchases something. Ugh. If only I could move more lights more often. But things start slow sometimes and hopefully they will continue to grow. Which leads me to a little bit of shameless whoring....

ETSY SHOP --> <--

And this weekend we're going to the local community college end of the semester art show do-hicky where there's going to be a very large print of a photograph that the man and I modeled for. It's a play on an old Eve and serpent painting from long ago. I was Eve with my pink undercut and a feminist symbol on my right hand as I tossed an apple away and the man was the serpent in a pope outfit removing a mask of a human face, lurking behind my shoulder and the plants. It's going to be interesting to see my boobies displayed so largely. Ffffffff But it really is a great photo buuuut won't be posted on here because I'm not one to post me almost naked online. However, it was a very freeing experience and I always wanted to do something "crazy" like that at least once while I'm young. So I recommend that everyone goes out and does an exposing photo sometime in life.
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What did you guys do for Halloween? I swear it didn't even happen. What the fuck.

So I made it to New York, back on the 25th, just in time to have 2 days of frolicking and then get caught in Frankenstorm madness for a few days, have my flight home canceled, get sick, then fly home on Friday instead of the original Tuesday. What a crazy adventure.

The super short version, I went to New York, Frankenstorm hit, and now I'm home.

The long version....because it's my journal and I do what I want. Fffffffffff

Firstly, I've lived in southern California all of my life, soooooo.....what the fuck is crazy weather? Well now I've been in some crazy weather. I know it gets much worse but for ma never having been in hurricane force winds, I was freaking the fuck out about that stupid storm and hurricane Sandy. Stupid Frankenstorm. Ffffffff.

So back to the trip. The man and I were staying with friends in Queens, in a fabulous apartment from 1916. It was so gorgeous. And they had a fantastic cat. Extra bonus points in the life of maru. Hurrrr. On Friday we went adventuring into the city and went to the MET gallery, AAAAAAMAZING, strolled through Central Park, and wandered up Fifth Ave, followed by some delicious Indian food back in Queens in some little hole in the wall place.

On Saturday, the man and I decided to go adventure on the subway alone in search of The Yarn Company", a yarn shop we found online with good reviews. Basically we used it as a subway trial run for practice for our Halloween outing later that night. I frothed and drooled about the yarn shop like a moron for way too long, especially because this was my very first time in a real yarn shop. I've always avoided it out of fear of having a breakdown in one and then proceeding to spend all of my money and go home with a massive hoard of delicious yarn. Sooo I suffered my way through to a decision and then the man lovingly bought me a skein and I bought a second of the same so I can make more than just another hat. $40 on yarn. FFFFFFFFFF. It makes me shudder a little and want to squeal. I can't believe we spent $40 on yarn, granted it is as soft as fucking butter, hand spun, 100% merino wool, and hand dyed. Uuuuuggggggh. So beautiful it hurts. And then we ate good pizza.

Then later that night we went out to an Edward Gorey themed masquerade ball in some massive church. It was a lavishly decked out costumed crowd and live jazz. Just lovely. Then we met some German guys outside since the ball ended at midnight and we all adventured to the meat packing district to go enjoy more thrills and more liquor. And bad pizza. We got home drunk and ridiculous around 5:30am.

Sunday marks the setting in of Frankenstorm. The wind was getting mean and rain was looming and the subways were announced to be officially closed that night. We just adventured on foot around the apartment to a Little India of sorts. As the man says, it's like Little India in LA but way better. Our friends had suggested we go there to shop. Basically I spazzed out some more over gorgeous saris. I was mulling over a couple and then saw one on a bolt and it was love at first sight. Plus it was 7 yards plus the amount to make the matching top for only $25. Such beautiful fabric for such a ridiculously great price. I wanted to buy so much but made a rule that I could only have one. I just found out tonight from the bag the sari is in that they have an LA location in Little India. Soooo stocked. You don't even know. I'm planning to make a dress out of it. So excited. We shopped around and grabbed some gifts for a few people as well as gawked at the gorgeous jewelry. Fuck it's so pretty. Then we went home and slept some more since we were still recovering from the night of ridiculous escapades. We woke up late that night and found a pizza place just a couple blocks over. BEST PIZZA EVER. I'm sure that there is a very good chance this was the best pizza I'll ever eat......We went back and bought 4 more meals there before we left.

Monday was Frankenstorm. Of course I was with a bunch of crazies so we went and adventured like retards into the storm. I was freaking out and had to be the baby and say let's go home. Some one had to say this is stupid I guess. So we holed up in the apartment......and nothing happened where we were. We didn't lose power or anything and the lady of the house made a squash pie from scratch and we sat around eating pie and I was winding my new yarn into balls. Thrillllllling. And then I got sucked into the book "The Road".

Tuesday, we were supposed to leave but yeah no. That wasn't happening. The neighborhood shops were mostly open where were so we went to an all you can eat Indian buffet. Meh. Buffets don't make me happy. Then the man and I just walked around for a long time and were drawn into a delicious smelling bakery, Lety's Bakery. Hot damn, delicious shit in there. Then we went bowling and bought more pizza from the badass place.

Wednesday was Halloween. I'm still convinced that Halloween didn't happen. I was gross and sick by this time but loaded up on vitamin c and the dragged my ass over to Dumbo, where the man's cousin lived in a penthouse on the 16th floor. When you looked out her balcony, you were just looking at the bridge into the city and all of the massive skyscrapers and it was just dark. It was wild to see such a massive city that never sleeps in darkness.

Thursday, a few subway lines opened again so we rushed off to The Natural History Museum. Such a beautiful and inspiring place. So was the MET. UUUUGH so inspiring and kind of crushing with it's skill and wonder.
We ate more pizza that night at the same place and bought a pinwheel for the flight home. I didn't get to finish "The Road". Only 50 pages left. FFFFFF so close.

And then we almost missed our flight due to retarded town car services, ran on about an hour of sleep, actually slept on the flights home, had a stupid shuttle man drive a long unnecessary way home, and found 2 dog poops on the floor (we have a super senior who is 16).

And then we slept. And I marathoned some "Freaks and Geeks" and "Face/Off". And slept some more.

Long blathering is long. It was a great trip, even if I got into more weather than I wanted to be in. I LOVED New York. LA holds nothing to it. LA is so bleak and depressing and mean. NY was everything I had come to think a city wouldn't be. And I adored having mass public transit. Hot damn that shit was handy! Especially since I don't drive.

.......I think I'm ready to pack up and run away to NY.
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I totally and completely understand what I need to do to make this fabulous dress that I've been gushing over for like a month or two. It just hit me like lightning and fuuuuck. I get it. I've been toiling over how I wanted to tackle crocheting a dress for sooooo long and now I fucking get it.

I saw this.… I wanted it but I don't have $200 to drop on it, even if it is so lovely. Ugh. Sooooo I decided that I would take on the massively overwhelming project of attempting to crochet my very own lace weight dress inspired by this dress, mostly the shape of this dress seeing as that is not hand crochet.

So before I start and then attempt to commit suicide over this beast, I decided to logically plot out what path I'd take with the pattern. I get the top. Piece of cake shape and panels and yadda yadda. But the skirt threw me off with the way it's a square on its point with the top point lobbed off basically. I totally do not grasp making a square and decreasing stitches to make that corner be missing. It just eludes me. And when I do pull it off, it looks god awful and choppy and a mess. So I asked the lovely users of raverly for advice. I got a lot of great ideas but I still haven't felt confident enough to actually bite off a hunk and start chewing.

And then this moment just now happened. I was looking at vintage shit in some lady's shop on etsy. I liked a lot of it, and she has a lot of crochet/knitted dresses, so of course I was looking in hopes of finding something for a reasonable price to justify buying it premade and not taking on this dress. And then I saw this poncho.… This fucking poncho just solved everything. I just need to use a poncho pattern and BAAAFUCKINGAAAAM! Skirt.


Now I just have to go buy a few miles of crochet thread and work my fingers to bloody stumps and perhaps by next summer I'll have a glorious crocheted dress. Even more so, I'd really like for it to turn out pretty enough that I will wear it.

Okay. Back to watching crappy horror movies while crocheting my sexy pair of granny hexagon slippers. I'm pretty damn pumped about these as well. I promise to take photos when they are done....As well as take photos of/scan maaaany things. So many things.

OH. And the Patrick Wolf concert the other night, AAAAAAAMAZING. He's so glorious. He even came out for the encore in his panties and a button up shirt with a star headpiece thing on.
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i want to know. fffffff

second, a big stupid rant about morons that upset me. third will be a "what i'm doing" pointless ramble. feel free to skip number two. they're stupid and i'm more stupid for bitching about their bitchiness, but it had to be done.

i just went to the pages of two "famous" artists in here that i use to think were awesome. i thought they did such beautiful work. i was enamored and inspired. but as time went on, they morphed into grossly inflated bitches and i couldn't handle their bitching and moaning and boo hooing, so i unwatched them. i haven't been to their pages or seen their art in a couple years now, so i thought, let's see what they're drawing. yeaaaaaah. i see they've established themselves with a print shop and such and that's awesome. totally power to them. and the art is still nice and it's grown a little. but guh. still stuck up snappy bitches. they are so fucking rude to people who are just throwing themselves adoring at their feet. and nearly every deviation has some snappy comment in the description about how the comments are disabled because of whiny pathetic you don't understand thing. every comment i've ever seen on their pages is just sucking their cocks and still they are bitter bitches.
they seriously need to go suck each other off while falling off a cliff. so glad i deleted that shit and will never be going by their pages again. gaawwwd.

here comes the thirdly.

but in other news, i just finished crocheting a baby blanket for a friend. it's the largest project i've taken on and the longest. and i'm very pleased. i'm also struggling to get some necklaces put together. painting my centaur for the fuck yeah monsters list. gawking at nordic sweater leggings in lust. plotting a vintage clothing binge weekend with a swap meet and pile sale. trying to collect some art show situation things to hang my crap in. trying to figure out what to make for craft fairs, which i fucking must do next year. fell in love with the show wilfred. got a fresh buzz on my undercut. mrawr. struggling to figure out what to really do with my hair. my halloween wig arrived in the's okay, but will serve it's purpose fine. made massive nasty knots of furious frustration on my knitting machine. trying to hunt down the right fabrics for a couple sewing projects. and just generally moping and flopping about like a lazy slacker whore.

and i'm going to new york at the end of the month.

and getting drunk and dancing to fucking paul simon and david bowie all damn night long this saturday. i'm long overdue for a dance sing fest of drunken love times.
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So I came back to my parents' house yesterday after being at the man's for almost 2 months. Since I haven't been here in awhile, I decided to hit a thrift store that is run by and on the grounds of an old folks hospital housing place where all of the proceeds go directly to the facility. They are my favorite thrift store with really nice quality donations, great prices, and deals each day. I love that place. And it's right across the main road from my house, so like a 5 minute walk.

So I wandered over yesterday and saw they had a "1/2 off everything on the patio" sale for the day. I never find anything worthwhile on the patio. It's really weird crap, and not in a cool way and usually really barren, but the shelves and tables were loaded so I went for it. First thing I see is one of those comforter set plastic bag things filled with yarn and books. Fucking loaded. I found some knitting machine books in there and got all twitchy like, where's the fucking knitting machine!?!!

Turns out, right next to the bag. Hurrrr. It's this giant soft, but sturdy, carrying case that is super 1970's tan and brown plaidtastic. And if I'm not stupid, I believe the second bag has a ribber attachment. It's a Brother KnitKing and I've seen them listed for a pretty penny and with lots of lovely reviews, which made it even more exciting of a find.

Then I found the price tag for $100. Sooooo, $50. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFWHATTHEFUCKSOCHEAP. I mean, $100 is great for this machine, fucking amazing price, with all the extra goodies. But $50!? I nearly pissed my pants as i started frothing at the mouth.

I snatched it up and ran home in fucking glee and bliss. And I looked it up today just to see what's going on price wise with it, and I may have a $500-700 machine considering some of the attachments it came with.

HOLY CRAP. I am stoked. I'm going to make so many ugly sweaters for everyone. Ffffffffffffff.

I just want to ffffffffffff and froth forever.

Oh, and I made my first sale on Etsy. Pretty pumped about that too.
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i just wrote a really bitchy gripe-fest journal about how much i hate people and their stupidity. but i deleted it and decided no one else needs to see that bullshit. in a brief nutshell, the internet makes me angry and i don't want to live on this planet anymore because of humans.

in other, less abrasive news, the "fuck yeah monsters" list is coming along nicely. centaur is mostly inked and awaiting color. slime and naga are currently just pencils. naga still needs some more penciling. she's quite a detailed lady. so far only vaginas have called to me for these monsters, which amuses me because i definitely was in a massive penis craze before my style change. i used to avoid drawing females as much as possible for awhile these. i guess i feel they are more flattering in my new chopped up style.

i also had a lovely weekend filled with time confusion, day naps, "manhattan" in the hollywood forever cemetery, and a really beautiful beach flopping. the went snorkeling with our friends while i hung back on the beach treasure hunting and gawking at gorgeous ass rocks. and "manhattan" has opened my mind to giving woody allen another shot. this movie was lovely. every experience before this one has been painful though and has jaded my opinion of him. the man and i have been binging on the resident evil movies simply because we each had only seen one movie and have always wanted to see the rest. i didn't even realize the new one comes out this friday until yesterday, because i'm so aware of current things.

i also bought a bike today. fffffff. i got a snazzy metallic red with chrome fenders 1970 schwinn with all original parts. it's a beauty and in great condition. i can't wait to get some new tires on it and get out and about.

and then there are new skill learning plans amok. the next time that i go back to my parents' house my dad will be teaching me how to solder and resin cast. his mom worked for nasa during their "race to the moon" phase and was a nasa certified solder master that taught my dad to solder, so he's always joking how he's almost nasa certified. hurrr. i am also on the look out for a silversmithing class. i'm have my hopes on snagging a dremel as well. i have a long list of jewelry that i would like to create. hopefully there is something of interest to some other folks as well, as i could really use the money.

i have a gross halloween costume plans in the making, and at a very affordable cost too. now i just have to find actual halloween plans. ffff.

i'm apparently full of the most delicious blood ever because the bugs won't stop biting me lately. i'm slowly going mad.

i'm in love with the band "the xx". i should do another music and movie journal. i haven't had a good music/movie soaking in a long time.

and i need to get in line and really buckle down with projects. i've been too summer hot lazy to do much but doze and laze about. if i really want to sell anything ever, i need to make shit.

oh. and new season of "face/off" is on. *gurglefroths*
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